Treasure at Goodwill

I am no stranger to the local Goodwill’s book section.  Keeping in mind, you never know what you might stumble across, I found a jewel recently.  I recognized the dust jacket immediately and planned on  purchasing it unless the book inside the jacket was not the right one.  It turned out to be an original edition of B.C. Goodpasture’s life by J. E. Choate.  Goodpasture (1895-1977) was editor of the Gospel Advocate from 1939 to his death.  He was a major influential figure in churches of Christ during that period.

What made the book deal even sweeter was the fact that is was signed by Goodpasture.  While showing the book to a church member, the name it was inscribed to was recognized to be from the Charlotte area.

On the back of the dust jacket is a listing of books that were for sale in 1971.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could buy those books today at those prices?

Price paid?  $1.00


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